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This page focuses on current and past members of the academic team; click on a photo to see someone's web page (where available). See the project partners page for other collaborators.

John Arnott Web Page Prof. John Arnott, University of Dundee (Principal Investigator)
John is Professor of Communication Systems in the Queen Mother Research Centre. His research interests include: HCI; augmentative and alternative communication; assistive technology and telecommunications for older people and people with disabilities. Recent work at Dundee includes research on lifestyle modelling to promote and extend independent living, and work on remote education.
Louise Bellin Louise Bellin, University of Stirling (former Project Manager)
Louise has over 15 years experience in a variety of roles covering project management, business analysis, marketing and communication. She has a proven track record in planning and turning strategic objectives into operational success. Louise's expertise includes minimising project uncertainty, process modelling, commercialisation, facilitation of team collaboration, and supporting effective communication.
Steve Brewster Web Page Prof. Steve Brewster, University of Glasgow (Co-Investigator)
Stephen is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in Computing Science. His research interests focus on multimodal interaction, in particular: non-speech audio displays, 3D audio displays, force-feedback and tactile devices, gestural and olfactory systems. Recent work includes visualisation systems using sound and haptics for visually-impaired people, and mobile 3D audio gesture-based interfaces.
Antoni Cipars Antoni Cipars, University of Dundee (Technician)
Antoni's main working background is in mechanics for motor vehicles, marine propulsion and power generation. He has since become qualified in computing through an HND in Computing Support. His main areas of interest in computing are communications, network infrastructure and hardware technology.
Julia Clark Julia Clark, University of Stirling (Research Fellow)
Julia has a BSc Hons in Psychology, and an MSc in Health Psychology. She has practical experience of supporting elderly people, both in their own home and in a residential setting. She has also supported disabled people in a residential setting.
Liam Docherty Liam Docherty, University of Stirling (Research Student)
Liam graduated in 2005 from Stirling with a BSc Hons in Software Engineering. His research interests include home networking and service discovery techniques.
Nubia Gil Web Page Nubia Stewart (née Gil), University of Dundee (Research Student)
Nubia holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Systems Engineering and Information Systems from the Catholic University and the Los Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia. Her research interests include lifestyle modelling and exploring technologies for independent living of older people and people with disabilities.
Phil Gray Web Page Phil Gray, University of Glasgow (Principal Investigator)
Phil is a Senior Lecturer in Computing science at the University of Glasgow. His primary research interests relate to software models, technologies and tools to support the development of highly interactive, dynamically configurable, mobile, context-sensitive systems. He has also worked on usage-based evaluation, especially of mobile healthcare support systems.
Nick Hine Web Page Dr. Nick Hine, University of Dundee (Co-Investigator)
Nick is Lecturer in Applied Computing in the Queen Mother Research Centre and in Applied Computing at Dundee. His research interests focus on the use of technology to promote dialogue within society, augmentative and alternative communication, educational technology, the use of technology to promote and extend independent living, and work on cross-cultural collaborative education.
Mario Kolberg Web Page Dr. Mario Kolberg, University of Stirling (Co-Investigator)
Mario is Lecturer in Computing Science, and a member of the Communications and Services research group. His research interests include home networks, OSGi, feature interaction, service creation, IP telephony. He is currently working with Panasonic (USA) on mobility aspects of networked appliances, and with Sysnet (UK) to integrate digital pen and paper with networked appliances.
Evan Magill Web Page Prof. Evan Magill, University of Stirling (Co-Investigator)
Evan is Professor of Computing Science, and leader of the Communications and Services Research Group. His main research interests include home networks, communications service creation, feature interaction, voice over IP, and service management.
Chris Martin Web Page Chris Martin, University of Dundee (Research Assistant)
Chris graduated in 2005 from Dundee University with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Computing. His research interests include support tools for early collaborative software modelling, and the use of technology to prolong independent living for elderly people.
Claire Maternaghan Web Page Claire Maternaghan, University of Stirling (Research Student)
Claire graduated in 2008 from Stirling with a BSc Hons in Software Engineering. Her research interests include home automation, telecare, web-based development and Human-Computer Interaction.
Neil Mayo Web Page Neil Mayo, University of Edinburgh (Research Fellow)
Neil has worked as a researcher in the Informatics department, first on a system enabling Internet-based psychological and linguistic experiments, and latterly on query rewriting in the NITE corpus analysis tool. His research interests include collaborating agents, the emergence of altruism and cooperation, and analogy-making in complex systems.
Tony McBryan Web Page Tony McBryan, University of Glasgow (Research Student)
Tony graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2006 with an MSci in Computing Science, having investigated alternate authentication mechanisms. His research interests include distributed systems, networking and user interactions.
Marilyn McGee-Lennon Web Page Dr. Marilyn McGee-Lennon, University of Glasgow (Research Fellow)
Previously a lecturer in HCI and multimedia systems at the University of Glasgow, Marilyn is now a part-time HCI consultant and Research Fellow. Her research interests include multimodal interaction, multimedia, haptics, mobile interaction, and the design and evaluation of health informatics systems.
Johanna Moore Web Page Johanna Moore, University of Edinburgh (Co-Investigator)
Johanna is a Professor of Informatics, director of the Human Communication Research Centre, and co-director of the Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems. She is a past president of the Association for Computational Linguistics.
Iain Murray Web Page Dr. Iain Murray, University of Dundee (Co-Investigator)
Iain is Lecturer in Applied Computing. His main research interests are in simulating vocal emotion in synthetic speech, and the use of such systems within the human-computer interface. He developed the HAMLET system for simulation of emotion in synthetic speech.
Rod Murray-Smith Web Page Dr. Rod Murray-Smith, University of Glasgow (Co-Investigator)
Rod is a Reader in Computing Science at the University of Glasgow, and a Senior Researcher at the Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland. He leads the Dynamics and Interaction group, which brings insights from control theory, statistics and machine learning to interaction design.
Steve Renals Web Page Prof. Steve Renals, University of Edinburgh (Principal Investigator)
Steve is Professor of Speech Technology in the School of Informatics, and the director of the Centre for Speech Technology Research. He has research interests in the area of spoken language processing, including speech recognition and multimodal information access. He has a particular interest in multiparty human communication, and is coordinator of the EC FP6 Integrated Project AMI.
Kevin Swingler Web Page Kevin Swingler, University of Stirling (Project Manager)
Kevin is a Research Fellow in Computing Science. His research interests including using computing technology to help people manage poor health or old age in their own homes, developing symptom prediction software (especially for chemotherapy), and giving computers more human-like qualities in abilities such such perception and learning.
Martin Tietze Martin Tietze, University of Edinburgh (Research Student)
Martin has an MSc in Cognitive Science from the University of Osnabrück. He has experience of scientific and commercial frameworks for dialogue systems, and has participated in two related projects. His research interests include the impact of age-related cognitive impairments on the usage dialogue systems.
Ken Turner Web Page Prof. Ken Turner, University of Stirling (Principal Investigator, Technical Director)
Ken is Professor of Computing Science, and MATCH technical director. His research interests include specification and analysis of medical devices. He is also active in the architecture and services of communications networks, particularly for use in the home.
Ravi Vipperla Ravi Vipperla, University of Edinburgh (Research Student)
Ravi has a BEng in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University, and an MTech in Information and Communication Technology from DA-IICT. He also worked for two years with Reliance Communications on developing speech recognition support for Indian languages. His research interests include automatic speech recognition for elderly people.
Feng Wang Dr. Feng Wang, University of Stirling (Research Fellow)
Feng completed his PhD in 2005 at Strathclyde, having conducted research into innovative context systems. His research interests span networked and distributed systems, including the applications of home networks and the use of context.
Maria Wolters Web Page Dr. Maria Wolters, University of Edinburgh (Research Fellow)
Maria previously worked as a lecturer at the University of Bonn, as a development engineer at Rhetorical Systems, and as a researcher at the University of Newcastle and Queen Margaret University College. Her main research interests are speech synthesis, spoken dialogue systems, inclusive design and clinical phonetics.

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